CHMGS partners with public agencies in the United States who are responsible for visitor and mission-critical facilities and services to develop and implement sustainable strategies to operate, maintain, and improve these hospitality and recreation assets and programs. We achieve this result by applying our private sector experience, skills, tools, and networks, and our understanding of policy and funding frameworks.



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Established in 2007, CHM Government Services team combines over 100 years of expertise in providing a vast array of advisory service to public sector clients responsible for hospitality and recreation assets. Through our work of developing and underwriting public-private partnerships, we have helped transform the visitor experience of 74 million park visitors annually. From the planning stages all the way through the contracting and oversight phases, CHMGS is here for you. Learn more about our services here:

Our Team

The value of CHM Government Services lies in its people

CHMGS regards its employees as its single greatest asset and is dedicated to the personal and professional development of each and every staff member. 


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The CHM Government Services team also shares resources with our sister firm CHMWarnick, the world’s largest hotel asset management company. You can find more information about CHMWarnick at the following link: